Zerona® Body Contouring

Laser Body Contouring… The Science of ZERONA®

ZERONA is a new body slimming treatment designed to remove fat and reduce inches with ZERO pain, ZERO surgery and ZERO downtime. ZERONA allows the patient to continue daily activity without interruption.

Top 5 reasons to schedule a ZERONA appointment with Dr. Rose


The average patient loses anywhere from 3.5‐11 inches. Some patients have lost even more.


You are measured before and after treatments to verify loss of inches. We also recommend a unique “tight jean” method of measurement so that you can FEEL the loss you experience.


No side effects or complications have been reported in relation to a ZERONA treatment. It is a completely non –invasive, proven procedure that requires no anesthesia. In fact, some studies have even shown a reduction in the body’s cholesterol levels post treatment thus improving the overall well being of clients.

No Down Time

You can continue your current weight loss and fitness regimen while undergoing your short series of treatments. Unlike traditional surgical sculpting treatments such as liposuction, the ZERONA laser system lets you be as active as you like to maximize your results.


With just six 40 minute treatments needed you will see results after your 2 week visit. With no recovery from each treatment you are back to your daily tasks immediately with no one being the wiser.

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