Imagine a make-up that not only has a natural look…but also helps to protect your skin from the sun and environment.

Because of its excellent skin protection as well as superior cosmetic qualities, glōMinerals is the only make-up line that I recommend and offer to my patients.

GlōMinerals has taken the benefits of minerals and mixed it with color to create a cosmetic beauty collection that gives a natural look… while at the same time it provides anti-oxidant and UV protection. The skin protection ingredients contained in Glo-Minerals include anti-oxidants, vitamins C, A, K, E, and green tea extract.

My staff will be pleased to introduce you to glōMinerals, let you try their products, and help you select the make-up products for you.

Please take the time to browse through glōmineral products offered in our on-line store, or come in and have fun in our make-up room. Get on our e-mailing list and we will let you know when our next Day of Beauty will be. We often have free makeovers on these days.