Technology in Our Office

Inmode Asethetic Solutions

Inmode Aesthetic Solutions is a breakthrough suite of technologies and applications providing cutting edge treatments for skin rejuvenation, fat reduction, skin tightening, hair removal, cellulite reduction, and more.


The GentleLASE 755 nm alexandrite laser is Candela’s premier hair removal laser, treating quickly, comfortably and effectively. GentleLASE lasers are also versatile, capable of treating pigmented and vascular lesions and wrinkles. And only Candela lasers feature the Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD™) to maximize patient safety and comfort.


The ALEXLAZR™ by Candela™ provides fast, powerful, effective removal of tattoos, sun and brown spots, and other skins lesions. The laser treatment can selectively target and eliminate the tattoo or lesion pigment, without damaging the surrounding skin. The effectiveness of the laser is dependent upon the age, location, depth, and type of tattoo/pigmented lesion, as well as the composition of the pigments or dyes.

Variety of applications
The AlexLAZR™ treats a variety of tattoo pigments including black, blue, and green as well as other pigmented lesions and other tattoo colors. The AlexLAZR’s 755nm wavelength maximizes beam penetration providing optimal results in the treatment of deeper pigmented lesions like Nevus of Ota.

Safe and effective treatments
The AlexLAZR’s homogenous beam profile eliminates hot spots which alleviates discomfort and adverse effects. It has the ability to minimize skin texture changes and reduce risk of tissue damage such as scarring, purpura or bruising.


The VariLite™ dual wavelength (532 nm and 940 nm) laser system is the ultimate skin lesion laser solution. This solid-state laser quickly and effectively treats vascular lesions, cutaneous lesions and acne vulgaris. VariLite offers the clinical versatility to precisely target superficial vessels as well as deeper, larger vessels in a convenient, truly portable, and affordable package.

Ergonomic, low-weight fiber handpieces allow precise control of the treatment location and are ideal for tracing or painting linear and large area lesions. The handpieces are dual wavelength, allowing convenient switching between wavelengths during a treatment session and in 0.7, 1.0, 1.4, 2.0, and 2.8 mm spot sizes to maximize clinical versatility.

Laser resurfacing has stood the test of time and remains the true gold standard for many cosmetic concerns, including fine wrinkling around the eyes, forehead, nose, and mouth as well as the lingering effects of chicken pox, acne scars, superficial pigmented lesions, and other surface abnormalities. Venus Erbium Laser was designed to meet and exceed this standard by offering exceptional efficacy and versatility. Treatments can range from a series of light ‘no-downtime’ peels to a single deep peel where each line is carefully sculpted.


ZERONA™ is a new non-invasive body sculpting procedure designed to remove fat and contour the body without invasive surgery. ZERONA™, unlike other procedures, allows the patient to continue their daily activities without interruptions from surgery, pain, wounds, or garments. ZERONA™ works by utilizing the Erchonia® Laser Scanner, which is also FDA market cleared for laser assisted liposuction. The Laser Scanner allows for the emulsification of adipose tissue, which releases into the interstitial space. The excess fat is then passed through the body during its normal course of detoxification. The ZERONA™ procedure was proven through a double-blind, randomized, multi-site, and placebo-controlled study in which patients, on average, lost 3.64 inches from their waist, hips, and thighs. This result is dramatic compared to the placebo group, which only lost an average of half an inch.