Other Laser Treatments

Scar Revision
Scars can be a permanent reminder of unpleasant events. They can be disfiguring. Some scars are thick, wide, red, raised, itchy or even hurt. Often with multiple modalities, these can be improved to a point where they are just a memory. Dr. Rose tailors each treatment plan to the types of scar you have to improve it maximally. Call today for free consultation to have your plan made for you.

Birthmarks can be pigmented or vascular (blood vessels). Vascular birthmarks can be treated with laser relatively easily. Although vascular birthmarks often involute (or go away) as a child grows up, some people choose to treat them. Sometimes these lesions are in an area that requires them to be treated. Residual lesions in adults also can be treated. These laser treatments are occasionally in conjunction with other treatment modalities. Multiple treatments are usually required and desired to allow the skin to retract especially if the lesion is raised. These treatments are relatively easy and quick. If you are concerned about a birthmark, contact Dr. Rose, a board certified dermatologist, for evaluation for the best treatment plan for you.

Stretch Marks (Striae)
Stretch marks can leave purple dimpling areas and are caused from rapid growth. Some teenagers even find stretch marks sometimes during rapid growth periods. Usually over time they shrink some and become white in color. Stretch marks are caused from stretching the skin so much and quickly that the dermis is fractured, leaving this soft indented line. Unfortunately, stretch marks cannot be removed, yet. Their appearance can look better. Often the purple or red color can be ablated (removed) which frequently great improves the appearance. The texture of the marks can also be smoothed and sometimes this will shrink the stretch mark. If you would like to see if you are a candidate to have your stretch marks improved, please call Dr. Rose for a free consultation.

Red Moles (Angiomas)
Red moles or angiomas are very common growths that occur on many people. These can quite easily be ablated with usually one treatment. The laser vaporizes the vessels in these growths. A scab forms over the site and peels away usually in a week or two. Left behind is “normal skin” with no residual lesion or mark. Rarely a second treatment is needed especially for larger thicker lesions.