FORMA and PLUS are related radio frequency technologies that deliver skin tightening, elasticity improvement, and new collagen stimulation that no other technology can match.

FORMA targets wrinkling and sagging areas of the face, particularly on the forehead, cheeks (smile lines),crows feet, under-eye area, jaw line, and neck. FORMA and PLUS differ from other radio frequency technologies such as Thermage and Fraxel in that FORMA is constantly measuring skin temperature and automatically adjusting energy levels to maintain the optimum temperature for skin contraction. This ultimately allows for a much greater degree of skin tightening, comfort, and overall patient safety. Dr, Rose also believes that FORMA provides a more effective result and a more comfortable experience than Ultherapy.

PLUS can be used on larger areas of the body that may need contraction and tightening. Most common areas of treatment include the abdomen, arms (bat wings), inner thighs, outer thighs, back fat, and knees.

It is recommended that weekly sessions be performed over a six to eight week period, although some patients may require fewer sessions.

Plus works just like Forma, but due to the shape of the applicator, can be used on larger areas of the body that may need contraction and tightening, including abdomen, arms, legs, backs, and knees.

FORMA also works well in combination with other treatments. Ask about our treatment packages which offer substantial discounts. Call today to schedule a free consultation.