Vibratory Plate Therapy

By itself, or in conjunction with a detoxification or body slimming regimen, vibratory plate technology offers a number of important health benefits.

By simply standing on our Dr. Fuji Vibrating Plate for ten minutes, the oscillating vibration generates repetitive muscle contractions throughout the body. With little or no physical exertion, this whole body vibration provides cardiovascular, muscular, and metabolic benefits characteristic of a full exercise workout.

Numerous studies have shown vibratory stimulation to provide beneficial results including:

toning, firming, and increasing of muscles mass
stimulation of metabolism to help burn fat
improvement to circulation and oxygenation of blood
increased flexibility, range of motion, and mobility
reduction in cellulite with regular use.
Vibratory plate therapy is particularly beneficial in promoting the flushing of the lymphatic system, a necessary aspect of detoxification and body slimming.

One of the primary responsibilities of the lymphatic system is to drain interstitial fluid from tissues into lymphatic ducts. Throughout the day, toxins, cellular waste, and fatty acids are pulled into the lymphatic drainage ducts where they are filtered in the lymph nodes. Unlike the circulatory system, lymph does not have a central pump, relying instead on muscle contractions and other natural functions of the body to force lymph through the lymphatic system.

Without adequate body movement and exercise, the lymphatic system can become sluggish and clogged. The rapid muscular contractions experienced through use of a vibratory plate can assist in flushing out lymphatic drainage ducts. During detoxification and body slimming programs, the amount of waste, toxins, and fat entering the lymphatic system is greatly increased A clean, well-functioning lymphatic system is therefore a necessary component of a successful, safe detoxification or fat reduction effort.

Dr. Rose recommends use of vibratory plate therapy in conjunction with all detoxification and body slimming programs. Please check out Dr. Rose’s detoxification and body slimming packages in which vibration plate sessions are included. Stand-alone vibratory plate sessions are also available for a fee.